WebGL Stats Version 2

Feb. 04, 2014

I have gotten around to update WebGL Stats, which is a rewrite from scratch with a whole lot of new features, so give it a spin.


WebGL Stats Updates

Nearly 2 years ago I started WebGL Stats and I've been running it ever since. So without further ado, these are the new features:

  • New user agent detection based on user-agent-string.info.
  • Time series of all data
  • Data can be filtered with the tree on the side for device class, operating system and browsers.
  • Covers all existing and potential extensions
  • Added Related capability detection for Web Audio Data, Websocket, Webworker
  • Fixed Gamepad API detection
  • Related capabilities are measured relative to WebGL
  • WebGL share is split into stable and experimental (where get context would be webgl-experimental)
  • Extension shares are split into stable and vendor prefixed.


You can help the cause and embedd the tracker on your page using this code:


Please use this code on a publicly accessible site and not inside a member section (or I can't list you as contributor). If at all possible, add the tracker on a non WebGL page, as this will improve the objectivity of the statistics.

Listing in the contributor list has also changed. I now use the referer to determine the top 100 contributors. In order to get listed, the referred URL has to be publicly accessible and it's verified that you embedd the tracker. I maintain a black and whitelist for referers based on review so as to avoid listing spam, translator proxies and the like.

New Server

I moved to a new VPS and took this opportunity to also get rid of my old webserver. I'm now running WebGL Stats on a high performance webserver written specifically for this usecase:

  • Over 3000 requests/s
  • Up to 1024 open connections
  • Low latency

So if you run a high traffic site, don't worry about embedding the WebGL Stats tracker, I'll be fine.


Another important change in WebGL Stats is that I no longer set cookies. I stopped using Cookies for statistical purposes a long time ago, but the tracker code still had the code in it. This is gone as of December last year.