Site redesign, more fun, more green

Aug. 22, 2010

Codeflow has been redesigned by me in the last couple of days. If you have been here before, don't click away just yet, you are at the right site, this is still Codeflow. A lot of new things can be found on this page now, and if you care to read on, I'll introduce you to them.

It is a comet, no it's comments!

You find links named "comments" strewn around the site, and fun stuff happens if you click them (go on, try it, I'll wait).

Ah glad to have you back. Comments on this site live in this Grey box that bounces out. They are realtime, which means that if a new comment arrives, it is immediately added to the box (if it is open). If you happen to post a new comment or you have scrolled to the bottom of the comments, they will also automatically scroll to reveal the new post.

I hope you are all going to have mad fun with this :)

What is with that Green?!

Most obvious is probably the new choice of graphics and layout. The reason for this was that I was not happy anymore with the look of the old site. I wanted a blog, which necessitates the layout changes to fit the functionality of a blog.

And its all green! Well, not all of it, but the header and links certainly are. If you hate green, I am deeply sorry (and quite a few people seem to hate green). But hang on, I might introduce user preferences for skins.

It moves, the dot thingies

If you can see them it means that you have a HTML5 compatible browser with canvas support (yes, IE can now stand in the corner of shame, as usual). The dots are a simple n-body gravity simulation of 15 points. I have located them in the dark stripe in the header purely for aesthetic reasons... and it was fun to program.

Lists everywhere

You can navigate this blog with tags and by dates located in the middle column. Each page you get to is a collection of posts that where posted under that tag (or at that time).