Lumiscape - Terrain Radiosity Rendering

Jul. 31, 2009

In order to light terrain, it is not enough just to cast self shadows. It is also important to light it according to sky/sun occlusion and bounced secondary light. Lumiscape allows you to compute a lightmap for use in interactive applications. The lightmap is rendered using a GPU accelerated variant of radiosity. However, it is still exceedingly slow for large terrain textures.



  • Import/conversion of height bitmaps
  • Skydome
  • Sun
  • Precomputing of radiosity patchset
  • Save lightmap to texture
  • Navigate scene with keyboard/mouse
  • Save a fixed viewpoint on the scene




lumiscape is a python package installable by any of the following commands:

cd lumiscape; python install
easy_install lumiscape


The source distribution contains an example scene which you can use as a template for your own scenes. In order to render a scene you first have to convert a height bitmap to the internal heightmap format.

lumiscape heightmap input.tif terrain.heightmap

The next step is to generate a set of patches to use on this terrain. While you're still developing a feel for the various parameters in the configuration file, it would be best to use small number of patches.

lumiscape patches terrain.heightmap radiosity.patches

Once you've generated these two files, you have to configure them in your scene.ini and start the radiosity process.

lumiscape radiosity scene.ini lightmap_output.png


GNU AGPLv3 or later, Copyright 2008 Florian Bösch