Abaeus Image Gallery

Jul. 31, 2009

Abaeus is a web image gallery. It is designed with the aim to be minimal and non distracting to the user.

It does not depend on a webserver to work once it is created, thus it is also suited for sending over email or just storing it on your hard disc.


A range of features is provided by Abaeus to make viewing images enjoyable on the web.

  • Thumbnails to navigate the pictures
  • Keyboard shortcuts for next/previous image, toggle slideshow and hide sidebar
  • Optional loading of all images into the page to avoid loading delays when viewing
  • Configurable slideshow modus
  • Unobstrusive overlay controls for next/previous image and slideshow
  • Sidebar can be hidden for less distraction
  • Resizing the image to fit the viewport optimally


These are examples of photo gallieries using Abaeus.



You will need a source folder that contains images. The images should be of suitable size for web presentation.

Abaeus is distributed as a python package using setuptools, it does depend on the Python Imaging Library to create the thumbnails. The package contains a script that generates your gallery from your source image folder.

make-gallery sourcefolder targetfolder

The target folder should not exist


GNU AGPLv3 or later, Copyright 2008 Florian Bösch